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GTG 29: Life is Strange and Zen is Hella Good

Girl Tribe Gaming Podcast Description:

This week Zen talks all about Life is Strange: Episode 1 on Xbox One. Jen finally plays Sunset Overdrive and talks about building a Space Needle in Minecraft. Then the girls contemplate serious topics like which superheroes need a game and why does Zen like bad movies? Luckily, Jen has seen some bad movies recently and knows that Zen will probably just have a blast watching them. Then they talk about mobile gaming and Xbox news!

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Girl Tribe Gaming Episode 28

Girl Tribe Gaming Podcast Description:

This week Microsoft announced the new HoloLens at the Windows 10 Consumer Event and the girls chat all about the capabilities and possibilities of this new device. Then Jen and Zen dive into their new found love of Minecraft. If you think you are not interested in this game then definitely take a listen and hear what this game is all about from two Minecraft newbies. They hit up a ton of Minecraft topics, share some funny stories and talk about the great Minecraft world that the Girl Tribe Gaming clan is creating. Oh, and Jen exposes Zen's obsessive compulsive habit in Minecraft!

Girl Tribe Gaming - COD: AW Clan Wars Progress Update

As most of you know, here at GTG we are a laid back group of female gamers who play for fun. However, start a Clan War and the group transforms into the cohesive unit of blood thirsty wolves. We work hard to get an early lead and don't sleep unless we are safe to do so!

This season of COD: AW Clan Wars has gone great! Even though our roster size has almost tripled from last year (COD: Ghosts) we have landed strong and are hoping to get another win this weekend. Teamwork and great communication is the key to our victories. Zen and Jen usually team up to formulate a strategy but the great group of girls here at GTG ensure our success.

Below are the results for the 3 Clan Wars that we have had. All three wins were in Platinum Division.  Great job to all of the Girl Tribe Gaming ladies for all of your hard work, dedication and GTG pride.

COD Clan Wars
COD Clan Wars

The next Platinum Division - COD: AW Clan War starts on 01/16/2015. Good luck ladies!

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Clan Wars Diamond Division is Coming Soon!

As 2015 begins, it’s time to up the ante with the Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Clan Wars Diamond Division. The first Diamond Division engagement will take place from Friday, January 30th, 12PM PST through Sunday, February 1, 12PM PST. Opt In and Compete with the Best Clans with at least two 1st place wins in the Platinum Division will have the option to opt into Diamond Division via the Call of Duty® Companion app following our next app update. After your Commander opts-in, your Clan will compete exclusively against other Diamond Division Clans at the highest level of Clan Wars competition.

New In-Game Gear: Valkyrie

Along with Diamond Division comes a whole new set of in-game gear. Clans that place 1st in Diamond Division will unlock the first piece of the prestigious Valkyrie set, with subsequent 1st place Diamond Division wins unlocking more pieces.

COD Clan Wars Diamond Division Gear

Girl Tribe Gaming has met the requirements for Diamond Division!

We plan to enter Diamond Division on January 30th so we will see if we can keep the win streak alive! Who is ready?!

Girl Tribe Gaming Podcast Description:

Zen and Jen look forward to the Xbox One video game releases of 2015. This episode is packed with tons of Xbox One games. Hear all about the games that have caught their attention and what they hope to see. They also talk about the games they want to play but are still not 100% sold on. Then the two make predictions on which hyped up games will be the biggest fail of 2015 and which game will be delayed until 2016. The girls also chat about mobile gaming of 2015, when Zen shares some games that she is looking forward to on iOS. The podcast ends with Zen and Jen listing the top 5 games that they can’t wait to play in 2015.

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Girl Tribe Gaming Podcast Description:

This week Zen and Jen look back on the Xbox video games of 2014. This episode is basically a Xbox Video Game Award Episode but done GTG style! The girls each name their Favorite Games of 2014 along with other important categories like: Favorite Remastered Game, Biggest Let Down, Best Weapon, Best Villain, Best Hair, Best Dressed Character, Games that made you say WTF, and more! Then they discuss the video games they can’t wait to play in 2015! Also, Zen falls in love with the Halo 5 beta while Jen explains how to destroy the world in Plague Inc. with a blind man.

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