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Girl Tribe Gaming was co-founded by Zen and Moto in 2004. Around here we are all about keeping things positive and fun. We believe gaming is for everyone and we love to see The Tribe unite gamers and support each other.



I'm a designer of many things. My home base is currently located in Michigan.

My journey into video games began the day I unwrapped an NES one Christmas morning. The SNES wasn't far behind, followed by the N64, which is where GoldenEye 007 opened the door for my love of FPS. I spent countless hours mashing buttons on the PS1 and PS2, but then the day came, I met a Spartan in shining armor, aka Master Chief (Halo 2). That's also around the same time I met some original Girl Tribe members and I've been on the Xbox ever since!


Mixer Partner

I am from the Seattle, WA area and I may have an addiction to Xbox achievements. I have been an Xbox MVP since 2014. I am a Mixer Partnered streamer.

I owe my love of gaming to the arcade at my local bowling alley. My first console was the Atari 2600 and the rest is history!

Fast-forward about 30 years or so and now I can be found streaming most days!

Mixer Partner: Mixer.com/Moto
Xbox Gamertag: Moto
Discord: Discord.gg/Moto


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